a great way to spend an evening, a unique date,  a chance to get an intro to a new hobby or a unique skill, a new friendship or even a new love interest, a rewarding experience that fires off things in your brain that makes you feel good, a chance to be part of something but if we are looking for one sentence… it is


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Meet People

This is a great opportunity to meet new people just like you. We encourage people to come alone and you’ll certainly have things to talk about! It also is a great date night or something different for a group of friends.

Learn and Create

We are born to create and develop. From doodling to discovering a hobby it all makes us feel like we are growing. You might not have enjoyed school but this is way cooler than school.

Get Involved

This is a call out to natural or unatural teachers, weirdos, innovators, venue owners, anyone that has something interesting to share with Dubliners and its lovely visitors.

Who are we?

Two friends that have worked together on many successes (and a few failures) in the past but can always have a laugh!


Getting Things Done Logically

Ran events for over 10 years for various different companies and institutions and now wants to get involved in the newest type of event.


Getting Things Done Creatively

Ran one of the biggest student event brands for 5 years then moved into education and now wants to combine the two!


Teacher of the Unique or Interesting

Do you have something to share? Please get in touch… all ideas welcome!

Joining the dots… .   .  ..    .

Our blog will share information about ideas, events, resources, thoughts, stages of the project, who knows what else….

Take a look for yoooself:

EVENT #12 – Collage Making

It’s 2019, and lets kick off this year with a feel good Bang! If you are like myself, in 2019, you want to put down the phone more, drink less,[…]

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EVENT #11 – Painting Christmas Decorations

Coollege is teaming up with Paint by the Pints for this special Christmas Edition! A Christmas party of sorts! We loved the last event and so did everyone who came.[…]

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EVENT #10 – Smartphone Video Making

Smartphone Video Making Next up, EVENT #10 one of the most popular events is back due to high demand. It is clear to see that video is the future of[…]

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